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I hope that you like my blog as you read it.  I once went to a movie that was so bad I walked out in the middle of it.

Have you ever done that?

If you have, then you’ll understand why I told the manager what I did when he asked me if I wanted my money back.  I looked at him and sincerely replied, “No sir.  I’d just like to get the last forty-five minutes of my life back.”

They didn’t do those kinds of refunds, so I settled for a box of Milk Duds and a large ice-free coke instead.  Likewise, if my writing style is not your cup of tea, I can offer no refunds of time or the mental energy you spent, though I will give you this nugget of wisdom: Blogs, like teas come in a bewildering assortment of flavors, types, and blends.  Go somewhere else.  Find something to your liking.  Savor and drink deep when you do.

My blog focuses on life and life changes.  Frequently on its disasters.  I mean, come on . . . we ALL enjoy watching a good social train wreck so long as we’re not the ones on that train.  And that, dear reader, is where I come in.  I am conductor, porter, and waitstaff server on this train, and I’ve been involved in too many derailments to count.

Some of them are funny.

Some of the are painful.

And some of them have caused others inexcusable amounts of pain.

So I will often use my own fool self as an example for many of the topics I bring up.  My writing style can at times be rather snarky, and I like to use a lot of hyperbole to make things more interesting.

Or maybe I just do it to amuse myself.

At any rate, issues raised on this blog will range from falling in love, dating, divorce, infidelity, depression, mental health issues, dieting and weight loss, watching your children grow up, neurological diseases such as MS and ALS, books, movies, literature, philosophy, and how not to kill your cat no matter how many times she chooses 3 a.m. as the perfect hour to start batting at your exposed toes like little pink pinatas.

I dearly hope to reach out to other readers going through major changes in their lives.  If you’re one of them, you are not alone.

I am a novelist and have two novels in the works with a lot of research planned for a third.  Hopefully you’ll read them soon.

I currently live in Wilmington NC.  In my opinion Wilmington is North Carolina’s best kept gem.  I have two marvelous children, and two additional step-children in waiting–after all, I came to Wilmington because I first fell in love with the lady of my dreams before the town had a chance to seduce me.

So come and join me.  And in the words of Pope John Paul II–“Be not afraid.”

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